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At 24 hour Emergency Plumbing, Drain Cleaning & Home Repair, we are proud to work and live in Brooklyn!

We are the number one emergency plumber & home repair in NYC. We have proven that we have the right expertise & skills to handle all your plumbing & home repair needs over the years. One of the things that make us the leading NYC plumbers & home repair are  everyone on our team has put in over two decades into this business. Based on our capacity and plumbing & home repair services reviews, customers have been loyally working with our brand for over a decade. They believe that we have a rich mastery, which they cannot find with the competition. We have consistently worked to raise the bar and surpass our customers’ expectations.

Our team is committed to only provide nothing but the best plumbing & home repair service to every client, and we are determined to fulfill that in the years to come.


Every homeowner should know where there main house trap is located. Your house trap should be checked every two years. If you have tenants or trees on your property it should be checked once per year to avoid major backups. All other drains such as bathtubs, sinks, vanities, toilets yard drains, etc should be cleaned when they start to run slowly or make an unusual sound.

 We Handle All New York Plumbing & Home Repair Emergencies

Our management team is drawn from plumbers & carpenters who have won numerous awards in the plumbing & home repair industry. We have been able to get notable mentions on various media in Manhattan, which has helped to entrench our brand in all other cities in NYC. In a bid to serve a broad range of customers, we have opened about 2 emergency hotlines that enable our clients in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and all other areas to call for our service with speed. Everyone that works on our team is passionate about putting a smile on the face of our customers. We are proud that in our many years of existence, we have never met a plumbing or home repair project that we could not cheaply handle. Our dynamic ability in leading the field has made us a renowned 24-hour emergency plumber & home repair in NYC.

As an active New York City emergency plumbing & home repair service, we have been able to touch base with every request, both on a personal or commercial platform, with many satisfactory outcomes. Based on the recent reports that were carried out in our industry, it was discovered that we had been ascribed to be the best customer-friendly organization in the emergency plumbing & home repair  niche. Our New York City plumbers & carpenters ensure that each of our services are reasonably priced, and we are far superior in quality and precision when weighed against our closest competitors.

Proud to Serve Manhattan and All of New York City

These are some of the typical examples of home repair & plumbing  services clients call us for:

24 hours Emergency Service 

Water Heater Services 

Mainline Drain Cleaning Service

Water Line Repair 

Plumbing Installation and Maintenance

Faucet Repair and Replacement

Mainline Drain Cleaning Service










A little about us:

For decades, we have been in the plumbing industry and been providing high-quality service to clients in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and the rest of the areas in New York. Rest assured that every NYC plumber that we have on our team can handle any plumbing issue even the ones that are not included on the list above. Call us for a plumbing service any time the need arises. We are ready to serve you 24 hours a day and all year round.

Proud to Serve Manhattan and All of New York City

There is no 24-hour emergency plumbing company in New York City that can match our expertise and timely response to calls from clients. It is on record that we will be at your location at least 1-2 hours on average from when you make your service call. We have enough hands to handle our client’s plumbing needs, and this has endeared us to a wide range of individuals. We opened up our first office with only a single 24 hour emergency plumbing drain cleaning & home repair, then we opened up our Manhattan office next, and we’ve been expanding and improving ever since. In the state of New York we have locations in Queens and The Bronx as well. Our core values include Integrity, Empathy, and Resilience. We know that you need something extra whenever you need the services of an NYC emergency plumber. We will keep working to ensure that you have no regrets whenever we serve you.

Technology allows you to turn to any company for plumbing. NYC is a well-developed area; thus, accessibility to the unending list of plumbing companies is unquestionable. This makes us prompt in customer service, addressing customer’s plumbing complaints, and this has made us win the hearts of those looking for the closest plumbers who are not based in NYC! If you are searching the web for things such “ emergency hvac plumber ” or   “plumber open now near me”  we’ve got you covered.  We believe that we are naturally leading the pack based on the various performance metrics of our organization. Given our emergency plumber expansion plans, we are currently building more outlets and recruiting more New York emergency plumbing personnel to serve you equitably. You can count on us to put a smile on your face!

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We are committed only to provide the best!

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Long Island


Every homeowner should know where there main house trap is located. Your house trap should be checked every two years. If you have tenants or trees on your property it should be checked once per year to avoid major backups. All other drains such as bathtubs, sinks, vanities, toilets yard drains, etc should be cleaned when they start to run slowly or make an unusual sound.



Our team of highly-trained, licensed, bonded, and insured plumbers are ready to take on any plumbing repair project imaginable. We take the time to inspect your plumbing system to identify any and all issues before recommending the most cost-effective repair option to you.


Drain Cleaning & Repairs

Our team of professional plumbers is here to make sure you don’t have to endure the nuisance of plumbing backups due to clogged drains. We are standing by to tackle anything your home’s plumbing system throws at us at any time.


Our commercial auto injection works by automatically dispensing our BioChoice cleaning product through your commercial building’s pipes and grease trap to clear them of substances that could potentially cause clogs. This removes the hassle of manually cleaning your pipes.


Here’s what our customer’s have to say about our services. We are always delighted to help our customers any time 24/7/365.

24 hour Emergency Plumbing responded quickly, communicated well with my tenant and I and got the job done .
Tommy Ribaudo
I needed a complicated kitcken faucet to be replace, it took him over 2 hours, however it was a $250 well spent.
While the kitty rescue did require the toilet to be removed, they got him out and reinstalled the same toilet as quick as it was off. Professional, expedient, and friendly. Would highly recommend.
Marcella Sage
I had water backing up into my shower and toilet. Called and spoke to Candace at approximately 10pm. By 11pm Robert and his assistant were at my house fixing the problem. They resolved the issue quickly and efficiently, gave me suggestions on how to prevent the problem from reoccurring and did it all with a smile and a pleasant attitude. In addition, their price was reasonable given the situation. I highly recommend and would definitely use them again.
michelle davidson
Words cannot express how grateful I am for Candice and her team. It was 1am and my basement was flooding from the toilet. It's pouring outside and it's a Saturday. I tried to close the toilet valve but the water kept spewing. My mind was in a state of panic but Candice was very patient and reassured me through the event. She arrived within 15 minutes, assessed the situation, and delegated to her team what needed to be done. The team recognized I had a faulty valve and offered recommendations to fix it, and even identified an outdated water heater that was due for replacing. They really anticipated my needs and went above and beyond. The team is professional, empathetic and most of all, competent. I will be using them again. I definitely recommend their service!
Great to deal with. Came quickly and fixed the issue. Easy communication with the dispatcher and field guys were nice and very professional.

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Experienced Team

Our team has over a century of cumulative experience in flood control, sewer systems, and plumbing. We’ve even been invited to give seminars on our process to professional plumbing conferences. 

Friendly Experts 

24 Hour Emergency pLumbing Drain Cleaning & Home Repair is here to give honest, quality plumbing and flood control services to ur customers. We’re the guys and women on the block who know more about plumbing than anyone else, and we’re more than happy to put our knowledge to work for you.

Quality Every Time 

You don’t just need the best you deserve it. We’ve installed flood control systems across tristate area and the best is what we deliver.